Carolina Thiele

I was first captured by the power and fascination of the cinema after watching The Color Purple. Thoroughly impressed by the stunning picture and the many costumes, I was ultimately charmed by Whoopi Goldberg’s graceful eyes. Her simultaneous gentleness and sovereignty which lay in her gaze had me in awe. Throughout the years I was interested in different careers: everything from a psychologist to an archaeologist. However, my love and enthusiasm for acting led me to my studies at Casa das Artes de Laranjeiras University in Rio de Janeiro and at the Munich Film Academy. 


In 2012 I ventured off to Berlin, pursuing my love of story telling. Berlin itself is full of unique stories, the perfect backdrop to my evolving storyline. I enjoy the hustle and bustle of the creative people, the ebbs and flows of the creative scene. Each artist is respected for their individuality, and the city thrives on their spontaneity. This corresponded well to my openness and willingness to engage in different projects. I’ve been involved in television films (A Case of Love), several television series (Tatort, Shakespeare’s Last Round, King of Berlin), experimental image films (Welcome to Farewell), and in music videos (The Ji - Life is Hard).


I understand the patience one requires to have a career in acting. Whether it’s learning the script, rehearsing, filming, or waiting for projects to pass the developmental stage. But that gives me more motivation to take action on my own. In addition to acting and modeling I am involved in the production aspect. I worked as a producer on the short film (le) Rebound (Director: Laura Beckner, 2016). As a producer I have an interesting perspective behind the scenes, dealing with the complex work and production conditions in order to ensure the realization the project. I find this type of experience extremely valuable to the development of my career. I knew I would continue to learn even after my studies. The learning process is never over. I’ve taken part in several workshops under the direction of Susan Bates and Paul Haggis, continuing to learn and grow in order to be prepared for whatever chances I come across or fall into my lap. 


The beauty of show business is that there is no limit: every experience contributes to your personal growth, you are allowed to be endlessly curious, and one can never learn enough.  Naturally is the acting process also a confrontation with one’s self, but integrated in a collective structure, which is necessary for the transformation of introspection and self inquiry into an active moment. This progressive field is what I appreciate in the art of filmmaking and stage acting.  


My greatest career gains, however, are the endless production and masquerade possibilities. As an actress, you do not have to decide who or what you would like to be, as you can be anything - from a psychologist to an archaeologist. 

Sex: Female

Housing Options: Berlin, Bonn, Leipzig, Munich, Rio de Janeiro

Age Range: 23 - 34

Build: Slender

Heigh: 178 cm / 5'10"

Hair: Brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Vocal Pitch, Dubbing Voice: Alto

2015 SusanBatson Studio NYC

2015 Workshop
        Paul Haggis
        Teatro Golden - Goldenstar Academy (Italien)

2015 Jon Sperry - Dialect Coach

12/2011 - 1/2012 Workshop
                           Susan Batson
                           Interkunst Berlin (Deutschland)

7/2011  Workshop
             The Power of Slow Acting, Gabriel Scharnitzky
             IFS - Internationale FilmSchule (Deutschland)

6/2008 - 9/2010  Schauspielstudium
                           Schauspiel/ Film & Fernsehen, München
                           Münchner Filmakademie (Deutschland)

1/2007 - 5/2008   wöchentliches Schauspieltraining Cristiane Görner, München

8/2004 - 11/2006  Schauspiel/ Theater, Casa das Artes de Laranjeiras, Rio de Janeiro                             

Languages:   Portuguese (mother tongue)
                     German (mother tongue)
                     English (fluent)
                     Italian (basic)
                     Spanish (basic)

Dialects :     Bavaria (native dialect)

Accents South: American (good)

Sports:         Yoga (good)
                     Basketball (good)
                     Skiing (Basic)

                     Dance - Flamenco (good)
                     Ballett (Basics)

Singing:        ACapella (good)
                     Chanson (good)
                     Ballade (good)


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